Application Deadline:
Wednesday 30th September 12pm

Digital showcase: 
Tuesday 3rd November 2020
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This section sets out the eligibility criteria for each of the awards and some generic judging criteria that apply to all awards.

Eligibility criteria

Who can apply?

Who can apply depends on the category that you are entering.

If you are a Scotland-based social enterprise organisation you can apply for:

Category 1 – Social Enterprise of the Year Scotland

Category 2 – One to Watch

Category 3 – Social Impact Award

Category 4 – Market Builder Award

Category 5 – Environmental Social Enterprise


If you are an individual working in the senior leadership team of a social enterprise you can apply for:

Category 5 – Social Enterprise Champion Scotland 


Social enterprise eligibility criteria

If you are entering any of the above categories your organisation must be a Scottish-based business that defines itself as a social enterprise using the following criteria:

The business:

  • Has a clear social or environmental mission that is set out in its governing documents.
  • Is an independent business and earns more than half of its income through trading (or is working towards this)*
  • Is controlled or owned in the interests of the social mission.
  • Reinvests or gives away at least half of its profits or surpluses towards its social purpose.
  • Is transparent about how it operates and the impact that it has.

*please note to be shortlisted for the UK Awards your business must earn more than half of its income through trading.

Please do not enter a social enterprise specific award if you do not meet these criteria. 


Generic judging criteria

Please remember that your application will be judged against a set of generic criteria:

  • Business/Sustainability of the organisation
  • Impact/Evidence
  • Mission/values
  • Strength of reason to win

In addition to this in the appendix are category-specific criteria which you can find in the Pharmacy degree online usa.


Application Deadline: